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WesleyLife Legacy Society

A legacy can take many forms - the faces of our descendants, the trees planted during our lifetime or investments made in our communities. One of the greatest legacies you can leave is a legacy to the future. We are deeply moved by the decisions of our Legacy Society members to leave their legacy with WesleyLife. They know their future investments will help others in the decades to come, but they may never know the full extent and impact their gift may have. Their legacy may financially support a neighbor through the Good Samaritan/Good Shepherd Program or a special project, program or service important to them.

The Legacy Society represents individuals who have named WesleyLife and one of our communities or programs in their wills or through another planned giving instrument. If you have named a WesleyLife community or program in your will or estate plan, please let us know so that we may recognize you. We work closely with current and future Legacy Society members to ensure the impact they expect will be realized. We are pleased to recognize and thank the members of our Legacy Society. The following people were Legacy Society members prior to Dec. 31, 2014:

Duane and Shirley Acker

Dean and Mildred Bankert

Alice Berning

Gordon E. Bivens

John* and Jeanne Bloodgood

Ione Burham

James Morrison Collier

Thora C. Collins*

Christine E. Cox

Richard and Ruth Davitt

Mary DeWitt

Helen Diehl

Everett* and Mary Jean Faust

Elizabeth Frink

Eileen P. Gardner

Virginia M. Ginder*

Jim and Evelyn Gore

Marylin Gorham

John and Joan Hartung

Donald* and Ethel Hendrickson

Dwight and Patricia Hicks

Joyce Tibben Hinkel

Betty Jean Hotchkin

Louise Hunt

Joyce L. Jensen*

William and Barbara Keck

Burt and Alberta Kisling

Marguerite Klocksiem

Gary Kloppenburg

Everett Laning

Laurence* and Helen Lary

Edward and Nancy Leavitt

Mary Ludeman

Fred Matthias

Margaret Taylor McEwan*

John and Jan Mechem

Jean Milford

Louis H. Norris

Pat Noyce*

Reverend Richard Pfaltzgraff

Dorphan and Lois Priest

A.H. and Phyllis Richter

Lou Ann Richter

Roger U. and Giovanna Ries*

Helen Robson*

John and Barbara Sayre

Maxine Schwartz

Eugene and Eleanor Smith

Lyle and Edna* Smith

Robert V. Smith

Jerry* and Ramona Sorensen

Dan and Margaret Stauffer

Charles Stroud

William Tomlinson

Florence P. Walker Estate*

Jack Watson* and Josephine Barnes Watson

Vivian Wells

Dessa White*

Dale and LaJeune Williams

Eleanor Williamson

Doris Wood

Doris Young

Robert* and Helen Young


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